alex_new_york (alex_new_york) wrote,

“Я не могу понять. Но вот неполный, слабый перевод”

What’s in my name to you? It will
Be soon forgotten. Like the splashes
Of waves. Like rustle of the ashes
When fireplace gets cold and still

But many miles and years apart
Pronounce it. Recall its sound
And, realize that you have found
A place where you still live: my heart


I was in love with you. My love is not yet gone
It hesitates abandoning my soul
But it is now leaving you alone
It does not want to sadden you at all

I was in love with you. My hope was so slender
So lost I was in jealousy and pain
So silent was my love, so shy, so deep, so tender
May God allow you to be loved that way again

Tags: перевод, поэзия
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